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National NGO network for civil court watch is a unique civil association for support of judicial reform. In the network take part over 50 local civil organizations with experience in democratic initiatives. The network was created by the NGOs Centre in Razgrad, which is a leader in the field of civil monitoring of the justice system.

The purpose of the network is to develop and maintain high professional standards in the sphere of civil court watch in Bulgaria. National NGO network is developing successfully and attract new members. Promote good practices for partnership with the Court and disseminate useful information:

The Centre of Non-governmental Organizations in Razgrad successfully coordinate National NGO network for civil court watch in Bulgaria. The organization actively transmit their experience and train other associations how to monitor the Court and its work. All organizations believe in a transparent and effective judicial system in Bulgaria, enjoying a public trust.

Through the national network organizations will exchange good practices and positive experience for interaction with the Court; innovative methods of civil court watch; step up the process to open the judiciary to citizens and the general public. The National network develops effective partnerships, improves communication and solving specific problems in the judicial system.

National NGO network for civil court watch is the founder of Civil Expert Council to the Commission Professional ethics and the prevention of corruption of the Supreme Judicial Council. The Network is represented by the NGOs Center in Razgrad as a Secretariat. At the beginning of 2011 The Network is a member of the Public Board to the Minister of justice.