Project "Justice reach to the people: second phase"

PURPOSE: To improve the accountability, transparency and ethics in the judicial system in Bulgaria by mechanism for successful civil court watch at national level.

1. Establishment of a national mechanism for civil court watch of the judicial system - more systematic civil court watch and consideration of transparency, accountability and ethics in the judicial system and a strong civic engagement in the reform of the judicial system.
2. Strengthening capacity for civil court watch of Court-actively engaged civil network, which will ensure the stability and efficiency of civil participation in process of accountability of the judicial system.
3. Positioning of National NGOs network for civil court watch, as a key actor in judicial reform.

Object of civil court watch are: 24 courts of metropolitan and its level in the South Bulgaria, divided into four groups of 6 (4 district and 2 regional courts).
I. Group - District Court - Blagoevgrad, District Court - Kyustendil, Regional Court - Pernik, Regional Court - Petrich, Regional Court - Razlog, Regional Court - Dupnitsa;
II. Group - District Court - Plovdiv, District Court - Pazardjik, Regional Court - Asenovgrad; Regional Court - Karlovo, Regional Court - Peshtera, Regional Court-Velingrad;
III. Group - District Court - Stara Zagora, District Court - Haskovo, Regional Court - Kardzhali, Regional Court - Chirpan; Regional Court - Svilengrad, Regional Court - Dimitrovgrad;
IV. Group - District Court - Yambol, District Court - Sliven, Regional Court - Burgas, Regional Court - Pomorie, Regional Court - Nessebar, Regional Court - Tsarevo;

Will monitor key areas of judicial activity of importance for judicial reform at the local level in different courts in the South Bulgaria of metropolitan and its level.
1. Conduct and conflict of interest - Law for Prevention and Identifying the Conflicts of Interests (LPICI) and The Code of Ethical Behavior for Bulgarian magistrates (CEBBM).
2. Accountability, publicity and transparency - Web-pages; Preview; Electronic services-e-justice; legal fees (contracts, payment method, commissions, firms);
3. Random distribution of Random distribution of the resulting legal proceedings and publication of legal acts of the electronic pages of the courts;
4. Justice for children/Youth and children's justice- Law on the Child Protection (LCP), Family Code (FC), Law on Protection from Domestic Violence (LPDV), Law Against Petty Hooliganism (LAPH), Law Against Minor Misdemeanor For Minors (LAMMM).

Monitoring shall be carried out by specially trained for the purpose of the survey team, which collects the data monitored using standard cards for assessment, drawn up for the needs of the project and the specificities of the judicial processes. Use a mixed methodology, which includes personal civil court watch with the presence in the courtroom, collection of facts with the help of interviews with citizens or retrieving information from publications in the media.

Within the framework of the project will analyze Internet-pages of 24 courts and will prepare a document with an objective presentation of the facts and comparisons. We will research the practices in the courts in their efforts to make the activity of the institution a public and transparent and increase the awareness of the citizens.

1. Preparation and updating of cards for the civil court watch;
2. Trainings for civil court watch with 100 participants;
3. Civil court watch;
4. Monthly statements of civil court watch;
5. Analytical reports of civil court watch;
6. Publishing of 4 interim analytical reports in bulletin Civil observer;
7. Interim report on the progress of the Court;
8. Progress Report of the Court;
9. Round tables (public meetings/conferences/briefings);
10. National conferences for civil participation in the judicial reform;
11. Analysis of Bulgarian and European judicial practices;
12. The Development and updating of Internet-page of the network;
13. Project management.

The methodology of the project includes three basic elements to achieve measurable and sustainable results:
• standardized and internationally recognized methodology for civil court watch;
• active dialogue with representatives of the judicial system and the commitment of public institutions;
• the involvement of the public through information and advocacy campaigns;

• 48 volunteers-civil observers and experts are selected, trained and acquired experience;
• Prepared 96 monthly reports for civil court watch of the 24 courts in 24 different towns;
• Prepared 24 analytical reports with conclusions and recommendations for the civil court watch of each court;
• Prepared 4 interim analytical reports of the results of the 4 groups observed courts;
• Prepared a report on the progress of the Court in the South Bulgaria with conclusions and recommendations;
• Prepared an interim report on the civil court watch of 8 courts in the middle of 2012, issued in bulletin Civil observer;
• Prepared 3 opinions, analyses and proposals on important topics;
• Carried out are more than 50 meetings with the public in 25 cities;
• Has been above 48 meetings with representatives of the judicial authority in 24 cities;
• Conducted 2 national conferences for presenting the results of the civil court watch in Sofia;
• Over 60 publications in the media.
• Attract new 24 members of the national network and as a result the total number of participants increased to 70 wide Bulgaria.
• Prepared are 1 intermediate and 1 final report - programming and financial;

Sustainable impact of the project: after its completion the contributor non-governmental organizations will be able to apply their experience in other areas and will be able to spread and among other organizations, to monitor courts in other cities.