Project "Justice reach to the people"

PURPOSE: Promoting the rule of Law and support for judicial reform at the local level by raising public awareness and enhance public confidence in the Court.

• Building of civil capacity for civil court watch (a network of volunteers) - civil observers who monitor the exact specifications for the proper application of observed specific laws and codes, for the work of the judicial administration, the development of judicial processes, their speed, efficiency, transparency and impartiality.
• The initiation of dialogue between civil society organizations and representatives of the judicial authority - the process of reciprocal exchange of information and meetings.
• Discussion of the results of civil court watch by experts and representatives of the judicial authority and achieving understanding for accelerating reform.
• Inclusion of the general public in acceleration and improvement of the reform of the judicial system. Presentation of results of civil court watch and discussions of the general public-promoting public support for reform of the judicial authority.

• Selected, trained and have gained experience- 40 volunteers;
• 20 reports on the civil court watch of court cases in different cities;
• 20 reports on the work of the courts;
• An overall report with the recommendations issued in the newsletter;
• 20 meetings with the public;
• 40 meetings with representatives of the judicial authority;
• 40 publications in the media.
• Developed a sustainable network of NGO-observer and partner of the judicial authority;
• The rReal functioning of the mechanism for the participation of citizens in judicial reform and the management of the judicial system;
• Accelerate the reform of the judicial system at a local level.
• Regional courts and prosecution offices in small towns (small towns and rural areas) of Bulgaria offered equal access to justice of the local community;
• The strict application of procedures of judges and prosecutors is a guarantee against the claim of biased decisions and difficult access to justice;
• Increase the transparency and the willingness of the judicial system to change will improve the possibility to adopt positively critical assessment by civil society.
• Encourage local citizens to contribute to improving the presentation of local judicial institutions and to participate in the national judicial reform.
• Promotion of open dialogue between citizens, civil society, the judicial institutions and prosecutors;
• Improved public image of the judicial system at the local level and increased goodwill of local magistrates;
• Improvement of the connections between the civil sector and the local media.